DronePort LiDAR
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+26MP camera
Icon: Landing site with letter
Sensor assisted landing
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Automatic charge
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Weather station
DronePort LiDAR

Scan, charge, repeat - the hangar solution for automated measurement

This hangar drone package for surveying tasks offers automated missions with the powerful Mercury LiDAR drone out of the safe EB-DronePort.

In the protective EB-DronePort, the Mercury LiDAR drone is well kept and ready to fly at any time and in almost any weather. The integrated weather station ensures safe operation and the software allows intuitive control of the missions from a distance.

Robust design for smooth operation

The EB-DronePort is made of robust sandwich panels that insulate well and support the hangar's air conditioning. A solid roll-up door closes and opens the hangar. On the movable take-off and landing surface, the drone is precisely aligned via a positioning device and can thus be recharged.

Icon: Protective shield with
40 mm
Icon: Landing site with letter
Sensor assisted charging
Exabotix DronePort LiDAR hangar installed in vast uninhabited landscape. The hangar platform has moved out to accommodate the just-landed Mercury drone after its survey flight in time for the approaching storm.

High security due to integrated weather station

The EB-DronePort's built-in weather station ensures safe operation, as the drone will only take off when the weather is stable and safe for flight. The EB-DronePort's optional high-performance air conditioning allows flights in temperatures ranging from -20 to +40 °Celsius.

Icon: Wind
Weather station
Icon: Thermometer
-20 to +40 °C
Optional air conditioning
Air-conditioned Exabotix DronePort LiDAR hangar installed in uninhabited snowy landscape. The hangar platform is extended to launch the next automated survey flight of a Mercury drone.

Fully automatic remote operation thanks to networking

A network connection gives you full control of the EB-DronePort and the drone at all times. The software to control the hangar and flight missions remotely is included in the package. Operation can run via the Exabotix server or via your own server.

Icon: LTE
Icon: LAN network
Remote operation

Autonomous and fail-safe processes

All operations are designed for safe and fully automatic remote operation. After a flight mission, the acquired data is automatically downloaded and available to you via the EB-DronePort's connectivity. The batteries are automatically recharged for the next mission.

Icon: Battery being charged
Automatic charging or battery replacement

For which applications is this package suitable?

The high quality of all components makes this package so powerful and very flexible to use - for example, applications in surveying, volume determination in quarrying or in the timber industry, also in science for biomass measurement or in civil engineering for construction progress monitoring.

Exabotix DronePort Security Hangar view from above with Mercury drone and dual gimbal for inspection and control tasks.


Material volume determination



Construction progress

DronePort LiDAR Components

Icon: Landing site with letter
Safe and weatherproof home port for your drone and base for executing automated flight missions.
Icon: Wind
Weather station
The integrated weather station tells you what the weather is like, ensuring safe flight operations.
Icon: LAN network
The data obtained is automatically downloaded after the flight and is then available via the network.
Icon: Battery being charged
The batteries are charged automatically, which ensures the greatest possible readiness of the system for flight.
Icon: Signal strength
Remote control
The package includes the software to control the flight missions remotely and to operate the hangar.
Icon: Hexacopter
The Mercury drone has six drive units and a sturdy housing. The drone is compactly stowable for transport, its separate arms are simply plugged in, so it is quickly ready for use. With up to 3.5 kg payload, it offers enough capacity even for heavy payloads.
Icon: Battery, three quarters full
A powerful LiPo flight battery with 22,000 mAh provides plenty of power for enduring missions. The battery can be replaced in just a few steps, so even extensive surveying projects can be carried out without any problems.
Icon: Digialization
42 MP camera
The Sony RX1 R II is a professional compact camera with a full-frame sensor. The lens has a focal length of 35 mm. The camera is powered via the drone.
Icon: Iris diaphragm
Camera control
All essential camera settings, such as aperture, ISO or exposure correction, can be made via the remote control during the flight - you are always in full control.
Icon: Battery being charged
This fast charger lives up to its name: Two batteries can be fully charged simultaneously within 45 minutes.
Icon: Photo and magnifying glass
High accuracy
The system achieves very high accuracy: via a multiband RTK-GNSS receiver, the collected data is corrected and provides high precision with deviations in the millimeter range.
Icon: LTE
LTE module
The system achieves very high accuracy: via a multiband RTK-GNSS receiver, the collected data is corrected and provides high precision with deviations in the millimeter range.


This EB-DronePort LiDAR with the Mercury drone has a lot to offer: Automatic flight missions, full remote control, automatic data retrieval and battery charging. With some options, you can tailor this package even better to your needs. We'll be happy to explain the benefits of this package to you individually - just get in touch.