Drone Insurance

Properly insured with security

Air liability insurance is the right solution for operating your drone. No drone may take off without liability insurance, as stipulated by §102 I of the German Air Traffic Licensing Regulations (LuftVZO). You must carry the proof with you when flying, otherwise you commit an administrative offense.

As a customer of Exabotix, you benefit from our favorable insurance framework agreement: Through our partner, you receive a liability insurance specifically tailored for the operation of your drone. This insures you against possible personal injury or property damage, even against third parties.

We support you in finding and taking out suitable insurance. We are also happy to take over the complete processing and application for an ascent permit and insurance coverage for you.

It is best to also insure the drone itself against possible damage. Through our insurance partner it is possible to have your valuable investment insured at a reasonable price.

What drone insurance covers:
  • Crashes

  • Total loss

  • System failure

  • Theft

  • Operating error

Other options are:
  • General public liability

  • International options

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Which insurance fits your requirements? Start your drone project properly insured from the beginning. Insurance is mandatory for private and commercial users of drones. We will be happy to advise you and take care of the process for you.