Drone flight training

Ready to learn? Ready to fly!

Flying professional drones is not witchcraft, but it does require a bit of practice. In any case, to operate a professional drone that weighs over 2 kg, you need the large drone license. Don't worry, we'll be with you every step of the way- our support is here to help.

Personal briefing - 4 hours

Our service includes a personal briefing at your location. We show you how to get the drone ready to fly, how to use the additional equipment optimally, how the software and exporting data works.

Flight training - 1 day

To familiarize you with the flight characteristics of your drone, we offer a one-day flight training. We practice all the important flight maneuvers with you in safe training mode - the instructor can intervene correcting at any time. At the end of the flight training, you will be able to launch, control and land the drone on your own.

Drone license

Officially, the drone license is called "proof of sufficient knowledge to control unmanned aerial vehicles". The "large drone operator's license" is a certificate of a passed examination from a body recognized by the Federal Aviation Office according to § 21d and entitles the holder to operate a drone for private and commercial purposes.

The drone operator's license is required by law for all drones heavier than 2 kg. In addition, the aviation authorities of most German states require the drone operator's license to be presented when an ascent permit or an exemption from operating bans for drones is applied for.

The license is issued by recognized bodies. The cost of the commercial drone license, including exam preparation, is between €300 and €500. The type of preparation for the exam for the drone license is up to each examinee. There are no legal requirements, for example, to attend certain mandatory events or collect minimum flight hours. So far, each recognized body has its own catalog of questions for the exam - with different focuses. For this reason, there are no generally valid documents for exam preparation that fit the exams of all recognized bodies.

The possibilities of Exabotix flight training
  • Flight training on a model airfield

  • Flight training in the Exabotix Flight Arena

  • Training with student system - the teacher can intervene directly

  • Training of take-offs, landings and flight maneuvers

  • Trainings are possible all over Germany

  • Individual offers for your needs

Take off safely

Would you like to familiarize yourself with the handling of professional drones and learn to fly exactly the drone you want to use?

We provide expertise, routine and competence - and go every step of the way with you. Make an appointment now.