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Quality at the top. Support far ahead.

We always want to offer our customers the best solution: High-quality products and outstanding support. Our motivation is our fascination for modern drone technology and what it makes possible.

Exabotix is a young, innovative company on a growth course, whose two owners combine technical and commercial expertise. Founder Alexander Helbing has been manufacturing professional drones since 2012. From this time comes the experience of manufacturing important technical components themselves in order to have a direct influence on quality. This has led to Exabotix being able to offer an unrivaled vertical range of manufacture in this field.

Our professional customers will not be happy with "low price" drones, whose support is discontinued after a short time. The systems from our company are designed for longevity and reliability - through updates and upgrades we maintain the performance of the products we offer. As a result, individual drones have already been in use for almost 10 years. Our machinery enables us to mill and turn components ourselves, to produce them in 3D printing and to assemble circuit boards. Our specialists also carry out custom programming - for interfaces or parsers for transferring data into other formats - entirely according to customer requirements.

This allows us to pursue our own developments, such as with the drone hangar, or to produce special solutions and prototypes. Together with our sister company BBL Electronics & Aeromet more than 30 employees work on our customers' projects, with the goal: to manufacture the crucial systems Made in Germany and to offer all drone and support services from a single source.

The Exabotix offer
  • Free consultation - call or make an appointment

  • All services from a single source

  • Performance Technology Made in Germany

  • Individual configuration of your system

  • Fast and direct support

  • Transparent and fair prices

The Exabotix Team

Icon: LinkedInAlexander Helbing
Alexander Helbing
Icon: LinkedInMoritz Paul
Moritz Paul
Icon: LinkedInSam Cegarra
Sam Cegarra
Icon: LinkedInBastian Reichardt
Bastian Reichardt
Icon: LinkedInGunda Bornkessel
Gunda Bornkessel
Management Assistant
Icon: LinkedInRouven Dühn
Rouven Dühn
Software engineer
Jens Kempe
Jens Kempe
Technical engineer

What makes Exabotix different from other providers?

Cutting-edge technology - Made in Germany

Our systems represent German cutting-edge technology in the international UAV market. Exabotix drones are in professional use for years and are constantly optimized. Every Exabotix flying robot is completely manufactured in Germany - for outstanding reliability.

Modular system design - reliable support

Our systems are built up modularly from many options - according to your individual requirements. The modular system allows you to get exactly the right drone for your projects at a fair price. An update of the hardware and software is easily possible, so your system remains up to date and ready for use for a long time without you having to invest completely new.

Automatic flight - thanks to drone hangar

Thanks to our great vertical range of manufacture, we have succeeded in developing professional drone hangars. From here, your drones take off automatically and autonomously - they can perform predefined flights or be remotely controlled individually. Our hangar system has proven itself in customer use.

Corporate Development

Since the beginning of 2015, Exabotix has been on the market with professional drones. Founder Alexander Helbing built the first camera drones as early as 2010, before starting helbing drones took off in 2012. Today, the high-end drones from our own production are in use in many areas - at surveying specialists, in energy companies, at agricultural companies, in the security sector as well as at research institutions - individual drone systems have already been in service for almost 10 years due to updates.

In 2015, Exabotix received the Innovation Award Metrology of Lower Saxony and acquired a new production building. After the integration of a medium-sized supplier from the region, the group of companies has more than 30 employees. With in-house developments, the innovative company is tackling the next growth steps.

Exabotix timeline

2010 Alexander Helbing built the first commercial drone systems in his attic.
2012 Foundation of the sole proprietorship "Helbing-Drones".

2014 Move to the premises in Herzberg am Harz, hiring of the first employees.

2015 Conversion from Helbing-Drones into the exabotix Ltd..

2016 Purchase of our own company building, a former elementary school including our own gymnasium.

2017 Construction of the Flying bathtub with the Youtubers The Real Life Guys.

Acquisition of "BBL Elektronik und Aeromet GmbH".

"NBank Kapital" becomes an investor in Exabotix.

2020 Focus on fully automated drones with drone hangars. Handover of the first drone hangars to a customer.


Cutting-edge technology and reliable support. When will you also be one of the satisfied customers of Exabotix?


  • Measurement

  • Energy suppliers

  • Agriculture

BOS - authorities and organizations with security tasks

  • Fire department

  • Police

  • German Armed Forces


  • Universities and technical colleges

  • Research Institutes

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