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There are tasks for which standard solutions are not suitable. At Exabotix you get exactly the custom solution you need for your project - reliable and high quality.

Through our years of experience and know-how in the field of professional drones, we look back on dozens of customized solutions and adaptations. Due to the high vertical range of manufacture in our own company, we have the possibility to implement special solutions and developments quickly and cost-effectively.

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Exabotix specializes in custom solutions around the entire subject of drones: Flight requirements, measurement devices, ground station, hangar systems, video transmissions, evaluations, software and support. We plan and implement your project in a targeted manner and design entirely according to your requirements - from the development to the production of components and the assembly of circuit boards to the production of individual special designs to series models.

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Components for your special solution

Illustration: Drone records the condition of plants on a large agricultural area
Icon: Prism as a symbol for multispectral light

Multispectral camera: Plant vitality always in view

A multispectral camera is a fundamental tool for agricultural inspections and precision farming - it allows you to record the condition of plants in terms of vitality data such as water supply, nutrient levels or fungal infestation for every square meter of soil. This data is the basis for highly targeted and efficient application of fertilizers and crop protection products - by the way, also by drone.

Illustration: Drone uses thermal imaging camera to detect missing persons in impassable terrain or find thermal bridges in buildings.
Icon: Thermometer

Thermal imaging camera: pinpoint accuracy even in rough terrain

The thermal imaging camera provides incorruptible information during building inspections and shows you exactly where the heat spots are. In addition, the technology is successfully used in the search for people and speeds up the search in difficult and inaccessible terrain.

Illustration: Drone inspects wind turbines from a safe distance thanks to camera with optical zoom.
Icon: Magnifying glass with plus sign as symbol for camera zoom

Zoom camera: eagle eye for inspection tasks

High-resolution and detailed images for the inspection of buildings or structures such as chimneys, radio masts or high-voltage pylons. With an optical zoom factor of up to 40x, these cameras deliver the best image quality.

Illustration: Drone uses sensor to find gas leaks in pipelines and other extensive infrastructure.
Icon: Gas sensor

Multigas analyzer: an extremely fine nose

Nothing less than a flying laboratory for the simultaneous measurement of different gases. This technology makes gas measurement fast, easy and non-hazardous - even in hard-to-reach areas.

Illustration: Drone distributes targeted crop protection products to affected areas of a large agricultural area
Icon: Plant leaf

Sprayers: smart and efficient

Modern spraying devices enable the precise and economical use of crop protection products. This technology makes precision farming a reality: agents are only used where necessary, which reduces consumption and optimizes the result.

"We had knocked on a lot of doors before, but never really received a viable solution proposal - with a fresh approach, Exabotix was ultimately able to provide us with a smart solution."
Jennifer M., building manager of a fulfillment center in northern Germany
"The performance in practice is really convincing. And if something doesn't fit, the guys immediately know how to do it better."
Karsten B., farmer near Hanover

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