UAV Solutions

Precise results plucked from the air

Drone hangar for fully automated autonomous flight: Exabotix's air-conditioned drone hangar enables recurring fully automatic drone flights without an active pilot. Through the hangar, the drones are ready for use around the clock 365 days a year - the transmission of the acquired data can be automatic after landing, depending on the payload of the drone.

Exabotix Mercury Mapper Industrial drone View from oblique front with camera and gimbal for surveying and photogrammetry tasks.

Solutions for measurement and volume calculation: Exabotix's professional industrial drones offer three key advantages over traditional surveying: they cover significantly more area in less time, they require less manpower and equipment, and they deliver more and more accurate data. A surveyor who previously spent a day surveying in the field can reduce his time to a few hours thanks to drone use.

individual solutions

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You need a special solution? No problem: Due to the high vertical range of manufacture, we can develop and implement your very individual drone solution within the shortest possible time - Made in Germany and with reliable Exabotix support. From special features in the equipment to a completely new design, everything is possible.

Exabotix Zelos Mapper Industrial drone side view from left with camera for surveying tasks.

Drone Leasing

You can lease Exabotix drones at favorable conditions. For business customers, leasing offers interesting tax advantages, because the lease payments can be immediately deducted as a business expense.

Lease or buy a flying drone? We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual leasing offer immediately. Benefit from our experience and the planning security we have gained.