DronePort Solar:
Configure your system

This EB-DronePort Solar with the Mercury drone has a lot to offer: Automatic flight missions, full remote control, automatic data retrieval and battery charging. With some options you can tailor this package even better to your needs.

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  • EB-Mercury

  • EB Dual Gimbal

  • LTE module

  • Charger EB-600+ x 1

  • Battery 6S 22,000 mAh x 1



  • Structure in robust and lightweight T-slot profile or standard overseas container
  • Cladding with 40mm sandwich panels
  • Fully automatic operation from a distance
  • LTE (optional) or LAN connection included
  • Hangar network possible: multiple drone hangar can act with each other
  • Insulated structure (ready for use even in winter)
  • Powerful air conditioning (optional)
  • Automatic charging of the drone inside
  • High precision landing device
  • Weather station for safe operation
  • Technical updates possible at any time due to modular design
  • A SIM card with at least 12GB is mandatory for the drone. Network coverage is a prerequisite.
  • Automatic retraction and extension of the drone
  • Loading the drone inside
  • Precise landing of the drone (camera based)
  • Establishing a connection to a control center or workstation
  • Air conditioning of the interior (optional)
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system (optional)
  • Integrated weather station